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Floor Refinishing

Wood floors never go out of style. Every homeowner knows this, so even if you were to live in your home forever or sell it one day, hardwood floors are an excellent choice.

The key to last ages is to get hardwood floor refinishing every 20 to 30 years. A wood floor can resist a lot of wear and tear, but it’ll show the use it endured with time. However, it can be up to five decades old and look brand new through hardwood floor refinishing.

Midland Flooring Contractors tend to your floors even long after installation. Because of this, we offer hardwood floor refinishing in Greater Columbia & Midland areas.

Consult With Your Reliable Option

Behind wood floor refinishing, there is a lot of knowledge required to go the best route. At Midland Flooring Contractors, we have the expertise and apply it to every project.

  • Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors is the most common method out there. It is possible to do it up to ten times. Ensure you are hiring a professional so that the sanding stage doesn’t damage your floors.
  • Refinishing engineered wood floors is also possible but less than hardwood. It also requires a flooring contractor to prevent any mistakes.
  • Refinishing hardwood floors without sanding is also possible but not recommended when you want to lighten them. It also won’t solve many issues that hardwood floor refinishing does, like deep scratches, cupping, etc. 

Do you have any other questions or doubts regarding hardwood floor refinishing? Make your consultations today!

Go The Expert Route

Professional hardwood floor refinishing by Midland Flooring Contractors goes beyond what you need. You will continue enjoying the looks and benefits of refinishing for years and protect your investment through expert work. 

We have the expertise, tools, and best brands. You will receive the best value for the floor refinishing cost with us. Our products and floor refinishing service are also warranted. When the time comes to replace, install, or refinish hardwood flooring, work with a company that can make the quality of your floors exceed its potential. 

Midland Flooring Contractors assists you with floor refinishing in Greater Columbia & Midland areas. Call (803) 590-7028 today!